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New Purpose This site began life as a documentation source for the MUD that I was building, based on my original campaign world. Now that my original world has grown to have more than a few loosely connected stories, I want to change the focus of this subdomain. From now on, the site will contain not only updates, changelogs, and docs for the MUD, it will also contain information needed to DM a Dungeons and Dragons or other such game set in Hakkard. Read More...

Changelog 0.7

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Overview of Changes Second changelog! We’ve added the catacomb framework, and the first quest. The rebase is going well, and we’re working faster than ever. We’ve additionally decided to make our core repository public to invite user-contributed changes. We’ve also forked the Ranvier websocket client, which has the advantage over other clients in that it can be designed to read data from the game and display it in a HUD. Read More...

Changelog 0.5

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Overview of Changes This here’s the first changelog for Hakkard! We’ve got the first working prototype of Lennar, and you’re fully able to explore it. All accounts have a maximum of three characters, and creating multiple accounts to get around this restriction is not allowed. List of changes Added Prancing Dolphin Added Witches Familiar Added Shining Knight Added City Gate Add framework to add the Manor


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