Ranvier Sunset

Hakkard-Ranvier Sunset Hey there, As of this week, connections to the Ranvier version of Hakkard will no longer be accepted. This decision was made as we move to CoffeeMud, which will allow for more flexibility (I know Java better than I know Node). There’s already more content on the HakkarDev server than there ever was on either Evennia or Ranvier. Our plans for what needs to be accomplished can be found below, in descending order of priority. Continue reading

Update 1

Hi guys, I’m here to provide an update on the status of the Hakkard MU* project. Repo Move As of a few days ago, we’re back on GitHub at https://github.com/hakkard-dev-team. This move comes as GitHub starts to come back into favor after its acquisition by Microsoft last year. GitHub allows for more people to contribute, and with the release of the majority of our codebase under the GPL, we allow for more people to build off of our work. Continue reading

New Updates

2018-11-28 Dev-Osmium
New Purpose This site began life as a documentation source for the MUD that I was building, based on my original campaign world. Now that my original world has grown to have more than a few loosely connected stories, I want to change the focus of this subdomain. From now on, the site will contain not only updates, changelogs, and docs for the MUD, it will also contain information needed to DM a Dungeons and Dragons or other such game set in Hakkard. Continue reading

Changelog 0.7

2018-11-01 changelog major
Overview of Changes Second changelog! We’ve added the catacomb framework, and the first quest. The rebase is going well, and we’re working faster than ever. We’ve additionally decided to make our core repository public to invite user-contributed changes. We’ve also forked the Ranvier websocket client, which has the advantage over other clients in that it can be designed to read data from the game and display it in a HUD. Continue reading

Changelog 0.5

2018-10-09 changelog minor
Overview of Changes This here’s the first changelog for Hakkard! We’ve got the first working prototype of Lennar, and you’re fully able to explore it. All accounts have a maximum of three characters, and creating multiple accounts to get around this restriction is not allowed. List of changes Added Prancing Dolphin Added Witches Familiar Added Shining Knight Added City Gate Add framework to add the Manor


What happened? Some of you may have noticed that the site looks a little different. This is because we have moved from Evennia to Ranvier. This allows us to stop focusing so much on core game mechanics and use the inbuilt mechanics present in Ranvier. Evennia has been a wonderful learning experience for Python, but for production we felt that we needed a system that allowed us to better manage rooms and mechanics without worrying about whether or not our code would compile. Continue reading